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Corporate Overview

We enable local and cross border commodity trades via customize trade finance package, supply chain services, and smart partnership modus operandi.

For the past decade, YGLIbay (“Ibay”) has grown to be the largest supply chain management platform for iron ore export in Malaysia. We operate iron ore production via our associate companies, and source locally from partners’ mines. Ibay has extensive portfolio in Iron ore, our main supply chain commodity, we also diversified into other minerals such as : Bauxite, Manganese, and Nickel Ore.

To meet the intense supply expectations from our customers in the recent years, we have enlarged our presence to Indonesia, Australia, Africa continent, and South America to better serve and fulfill our customers’ demand.

Partnership Modus Operandi

As a trade enabler, it is vital for us to provide customized supply chain solution to meet both our customer’s and partner’s demand. The solution is structured to focus in three (3) major streams in the commodity supply chain bridging commodity seller to steel mill buyers and major traders

1. Upstream



Sources from mine operator at ex-mine or in our stockpile near the port.

2. Trading Stream



Handles trade and provides trade financing solution, production offtake, and strategic investment in mining company.

3. Downstream



Sale and inventory management at delivery port and transact in local currency.

Our Value Added Services

Ibay has cumulated well of experiences in handling commodity trade and developed a series of supply chain services into our proprietary SCM Platform to resolve challenges faced by our customers and partners, such as: cashflow, bank facilities, cross border custom , foreign currency payment, vessel booking, so on.

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Mining and Blending Icon
Mining and Blending
Logistic and Stockpile at Loading Port Icon
Logistic and Stockpile at loading port
Shipment Icon
Logistic and Stockpile at delivery port Icon
Logistic and Stockpile at delivery port
Steel Mill Icon
Steel Mill
Who we deal with

Who we deal with

Beside trading commodity source from our associate company’s mines and third party sources, we also work with mine operator/owner during start-up by offering offtake of fixed quantity or financing solution. Although our trading focus primarily in iron ore, we also cover other minerals.
How we help

How we help

We provide supply chain management financial services to our partners, both buyer and seller, and to benefit from lower transportation / shipping costs, competitive financing product, forex risk free trade, consistent supply with quality and quantity assurance. We also ensure pricing transparency by referencing to steel index price.
What other Value Added Services

What other Value Added Services

Our objective is to enable our upstream partners to start and focus on mining operation while we take care of the downstream supply chain. Our partners can benefit from local currency trade and pricing, inventory management solutions and overcome challenges in fulfillment disruption, cashflow and pricing volatility.
Why we do it

Why we do it

We believe in creating blue ocean for our trading partners. Collectively, we enjoy the economies of scale and achieve growth leverage on each other’s strengths.

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